Ohio’s Rj Cowdery has solidified her place in the world of performing singer-songwriters, garnering accolades at major performing songwriter contests across America.  (Kerrville New Folk, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, Sisters Folk Festival…)

She plays guitar like she means it, stringing chords together and developing melodies built like a proverbial brick house, then pours over it all with a voice like butter.

Her unpretentious style will draw you in and keep you there. Her lyrics are sincere and plainspoken as if she’s peeked inside your life and leaves you wondering how she knew that about you. 

Since making her leap of faith to become a full time working artist a little over ten years ago, after three decades of writing, she hasn’t looked back. Her new recording, What If This Is All There Is, produced by Amy Speace has been causing a commotion all over the place.


Rj Cowdery is a Columbus, Ohio based artist who has solidified her place as a standout in the world of performing singer-songwriters.

Rj confesses to being a late bloomer; while she’s been writing songs for three decades, she only made the life-altering decision to focus on music full-time within the past few years. She’s quickly made up for lost time, garnering songwriting awards at some of the most prestigious festivals in the U.S., including wins at the Mountain Stage NewSong, Kerrville New Folk, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist, and Sisters Folk Festival/Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest.  

Cowdery's songwriting is widely – and wildly appealing. Her lyrics are unpretentious and warm with wry humor punctuated by some seriously sassy guitar work. She writes about some of the most difficult of emotions in a way that allows listeners to lean in hard against her honeyed voice, and then come out the other side changed.

A much sought after performer,  Rj has played her way across North America appearing at many venues and house concerts, including, NPR’s Mountain Stage, The Kerrville Folk Festival, Wildflower Music and Arts Festival, PBS’s Songs at the Center, The Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, and The Vancouver Island Music Festival.

Rj is just releasing (Press; May 17, 2019) her new album WHAT IF THIS IS ALL THERE IS to critical acclaim. Rj says, “The songs on the recording are conversations about change and loss, and ultimately, how I’m dealing with life in the middle. I’ve always tried to write about what I know and tell my story in a way that is your story too. Personal trials, aging, losing loved ones, and contemplating life. I hope these songs make you want to lean in and listen and find that we all have more in common than we think we do.”

"Every song on this CD is stunning songwriting and absolutely everyone‘s collection needs to have it.  
Dalis Allen, Producer Kerrville Folk Festival


WHAT IF THIS IS ALL THERE IS (2019) A much anticipated recording produced by Amy Speace. Ten songs recorded in Mt Juliet, TN with Thomm Jutz (guitars, recording and engineering.) Mark Fain - Bass, Lynn Williams - Drums., percussion, Justin Moses- dobro, fiddle, banjo, Jen Gunderman - keys, Ingrid Graudins, Melissa Greener, and Amy Speace - BGV. Nine original songs and  a Josh Ritter cover of Girl In The War.

SOMETHING FINE (2015), includes eleven songs written by a handful of her favorite writers: Jackson Browne, Nanci Griffith, John Gorka, Cheryl Wheeler, Tim Grimm, Johann Wagner, Joe Crookston, Jesse Winchester, Kate Wolf, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell. Produced by Matt Nakoa and Neale Eckstein. 

IN THIS LIGHT (2011) Eleven original songs recorded and released on the Blue Rock Artists label. Produced by Billy Crockett (Daryl Purpose, Cliff Eberhart, Grace Pettis, Beth Wood) at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio in Wimberley, Texas. The album features Cindy Cashdollar, Pierce Pettis and Jonathan Byrd.

ONE MORE DOOR (2008) was Cowdery’s debut record of original songs, produced by West Virginian troubadour Todd Burge. Recorded live in only two days with the venerable Don Dixon (REM, Marshall Crenshaw), and NPR's Mountain Stage house band members Michael Lipton and Amed Solomon.

 "Rj plays a clean guitar, flat picking or strumming and stringing chords together to build melodies built like a proverbial brick house and pours over it all with a voice like butter. Her lyrics are sincere and plainspoken, as one might expect from someone who grew up in small town Ohio." - Vancouver Island Music Festival