Award Winning Guitar Playing Singing Songwriter


2019 / GoosePie Music     Produced by Amy Speace
Recorded,  engineered, and mixed  by Thomm Jutz at TJTunes, Mount Juliet, TN

Rj Cowdery - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and BGV. Mark Fain - Bass. Lynn Williams - Drums/Percussion. Thomm Jutz - Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar. Jen Gunderman - Keys. Justin Moses - Banjo, Dobro, and Mandolin. Ingrid Graudins, Melissa Greener, Amy Speace, and Rj Cowdery - BGV.

A collection of cover songs.
2015  / GoosePie Music     Produced by Matt Nakoa and Neale Eckstein
Recorded and Engineered by Neale Eckstein and Matt Nakoa at Fox Run Studios, Sudbury, MA

Rj Cowdery -  Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and BGV. Matt Nakoa - Keys, BGV, Guitar. Michael Reilly - Drums/Percussion. Walter Skorupski - Bass.
Adam Michael Rothberg - electric guitar, Silvertone, Dobro, Banjotar, Mandolin. Barbara Kessler - BGV. Jake Bush - Accordian.

2011 /  Blue Rock Artists     Produced by Billy Crockett
Recorded and engineered by Keith Gary. Mixed by Keith Gary and Billy Crockett.
Recorded and mixed at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio. Wimberley, TX
Rj Cowdery - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and BGV. Billy Crockett - Mandolin, Pump Organ, and Piano. Chris Maresh - Bass. Rick Richards - Drums/Percussion. Cindy Cashdollar - Weissenborn, Dobro, Lap Steel, Baritone National Tr--Cone, Resonator. Dirjie Childs- Cello. Pierce Pettis - Harmonica, Jonathan Byrd - BGV. 

2008 / GoosePie Music     Produced by Todd Burge
Recorded live in a friends house in Parkersburg, WV. Mixed by Todd Burge.

Don Dixon - Bass. Ahmed Sullivan - Drums/Percussion. Michael Lipton -  Electric Guitar. Todd Burge - BGV. Billy Matheny -  Mandolin.

Recorded and mixed at Thornapple Studios, Columbus, OH
Rj Cowdery -  Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, BGV. Tisha Simerall - Bass. Karen Stevenson and Shirley Jay - BGV, Drew Layman -  Percussion.


Appearing on These Recordings

2014 /  Blue Rock Artists     Produced Billy Crockett
Live recording at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, Wimberley, TX

Back Ground Vocals on 
STAND IN MY TRUTH - Elva Hahn-Jones
GEORGIA I'M HERE - Joe Crookston 

MAGDALINE- Karyn Oliver


~Venues and Festivals~

30A Songwriters Festival, Seaside, FL  /  Anderson Fair, Houston TX   /  Burlap and Bean Coffee, Newtown, PA
Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, Wimberley, TX. /. Columbus Songwriter Workshop Instructor, Columbus, OH
FOLK ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL Official Showcase Artist. /. FARM- Folk Alliance MidWest Region Official Showcase Artist 
NERFA - North East Region Folk Alliance TriCentric Showcase Artist   /. SERFA - South Eastern Region Folk Alliance  Official Showcase Artist
SWRFA - Southwest Region Folk Alliance Official Showcase 
Gypsy Sallys, Washington, DC. /  Kerrville Folk Festival - Kerrville, TX  /  Me & Thee Coffee House Series, Marblehead, MA
Mountain Stage, NPR Radio, Charleston, WV  / Natalies Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music, Columbus, OH
Ohio Songwriter Festival, Sugar Grove ,OH / Opening Bell, Dallas, TX
Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. /.  The Song School Elective Instructor, Lyons, CO 
Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Artist- Wildflower Pavillion, Lyons, CO / Seven Steps Up, Springlake, MI
Sisters Folk Festival Artist and Americana Song Academy Instructor, Sisters , OR  /  Sisters Folk Festival Summer Concert Series, Sisters OR
Six String Concerts, Columbus, OH /  Songs At The Center, American Public Television, Columbus, OH- (Click to see video)
SPACE, Evanston, IL   /  The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI  /  The Bluebird, Nashville, TN  /  The Laughing Goat, Boulder, CO
The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA  /  Uncle Calvin's, Dallas TX  /  Uncommon Ground, Chicago, IL
Vancouver Island Music Festival Artist, Vancouver Island, BC, CA  /  Wildflower! Music and Arts Festival Artist, Richardson, TX 
++ and many  house concerts and venues across the U.S. 

~ Shared shows and stages with many friends and heroes ~

Here are just a few... 
Aaron Lee Tasjan, Amy Speace, Beth Wood, Betty Soo, Billy Crockett, Christopher Smith, Cliff Eberhardt, Connor Garvey, Darlingside, Devon Sproule, Dirje Childs, Don Dixon, Edie Carey, Ellis Delaney, Eliis Paul, Fred Eaglesmith, Jaimee Harris, Jaime Michaels, Jarod Mahon, Jesse Terry, Jesse Winchester, Joe Crookston, Joe Jencks, John Gorka, Justin Roth, Linford Detweiler (of Over The Rhine,) Louise Mosrie, Mai Bloomfield, Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy, Mary Bragg, Michael Lille, Peter Case, Phoebe Hunt, Pokey LaFarge, Rebecca Loebe, Robby Hecht, Rose Cousins, Ruthie Foster, Seth Glier, Shari Ulrich, Small Glories, Steve Forbert, Tim Grimm, The Accidentals, Todd Burge, Tom Paxton, Tom Prasado-Rao, Travis Meadows...


~ And More ~

Folk Alliance International  - Member
FARM  (Folk Alliance Midwest) Board of Directors 2014-2016
Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Song Listener 
Folk Alliance Midwest  (FARM) Official Showcase Judge



Collings 01ASB      Bourgeois OM Vintage SS     Taylor T5Z.    The Out Door Guitar 


Sisters Folk Festival/Dave Carter Memorial Songwriter Contest Winner, Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Winner, Wildflower! Music and Arts Performing Songwriter Winner, Mountain Stage NewSong Winner, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase Finalist (runner up)
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase, Tucson Folk Festival Finalist, Solar Fest Finalist, Telluride Troubadour Finalist

The Nugget Newspaper

The Nugget Newspaper News and Opinion
Sisters, Oregon
Ohio woman wins Sisters songwriting contest

The winner of the 2012 Sisters Folk Festival Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest was singer/songwriter RJ Cowdery of Columbus, Ohio.
"I'm so happy to have won this," said Cowdery. "I've been hearing about the Sisters Folk Festival and the songwriting contest for a few years, I've done some other contests in Texas and Colorado and always wanted to throw my hat into the ring and finally got a chance to do that."
Cowdery grew up in Belpre, Ohio, a small town along the West Virginia border. Absorbing the gospel and country music her family sang, Cowdery gained the inspiration to want to sing and play guitar. Even damaged fingers on her left hand from a mowing accident couldn't slow Cowdery down.
"I decided losing part of my finger wouldn't stop me from playing guitar," Cowdery said. "I just make my own finger out of tape, and it hasn't held me back at all. I have my own style of playing now and I couldn't imagine playing any other way."
With a tender voice and heartfelt lyrics, Cowdery has taken home major songwriting awards at such illustrious places as Kerrville New Folk, Mountain Stage Newsong, Wildflower Arts and Music, while getting the runner-up award at Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, before netting her impressive win here in Sisters.
"This just keeps me going, I can't wait to come back," Cowdery said. "It's going to be something to really look forward to. I tour in Texas quite a bit, northern Colorado and tour the Midwest and the Northeast. I've never played in this part of the country before, so this will really open some doors for this area."
Opening doors is what the contest is all about, according to Sisters Folk Festival Board Chairman Jim Cornelius.
"Songwriting contests are a way for emerging artists in this kind of genre of music to gain name recognition and credibility," he said. "There is no getting a label deal or major label support in this business, it's all how you get your name out there on your own. This is one of the ways people do that, so they're looking for songwriting contests to enter. This contest has a good reputation. It's had winners that have gone on to have solid careers in folk music. Dave Carter was the first, but there have been a bunch who have launched a career or have gotten a career boost from winning this contest."
Carter was an emerging folk singer-songwriter whose songs were noted for their poetic imagery, spirituality and storytelling. He died from a massive heart attack at the age of 49, in 2002.