Any or all of these workshops can be done one on one, or in conjunction with house concerts, festivals and song schools. 
 I really enjoy leading these workshops and mentoring sessions and look forward to answering your inquiries!  :) Rj


Mentoring in the business of folk. Song listening. Gentle constructive song critiques tailored just for you! 
I've spent a few years creating, touring and learning from some of the best. 
I'll pass along what I've learned to help keep the folk circle going! 

One on One Workshops and Mentoring
Both ( and peace. love .guitar)  can be be one on one. In person (close to me) or via online. 
They are personalized to you and what you want to accomplish. 
From learning guitar chords ( beginner) to brushing up on your folk jams. 
No Theory involved. 


Get yourself to the next level as a performing singer songwriter.
I have found nothing else that brings me more joy than creating songs and sharing them in a way that I might not be able to articulate well otherwise. I believe we all have the ability to tap into our true selves as songwriters and performers and to share what is uniquely you. Sometimes it means getting out of your own way, digging deep, and doing the work that needs to be done to get there.  We’ll discuss and share techniques and tips to write, sing, and play your way into the hearts and heads of your listeners.  

Practicing can be fun! Learn what can help you stand out and above as a performing artist.
We spend countless hours writing songs concentrating on lyrics and melody to create something we hope is special. Sometimes we forget that what we do or don’t do with the guitar accompaniment can impact how the song is received by the listener. Let’s get to know our guitars a little and have some fun exploring subtle and simple ways to add just a splash of color that complements the song and elevates our performances. Bring your guitar. 



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