Acclaimed singer-songwriter, Rj Cowdery is known for her soulful folk music that blends heartfelt storytelling with poignant melodies. With a career spanning over two decades, Cowdery has captivated audiences with her evocative lyrics and expressive vocals, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the landscapes of her Midwest roots.

Born and raised in southeastern Ohio, Cowdery's passion for music began at a young age, influenced by the rich tapestry of Appalachia. Her songwriting blossomed into a distinctive style marked by introspective narratives and a gift for capturing universal emotions in her songs.

Cowdery's music resonates with authenticity and a deep connection to the human experience. Her performances are characterized by an intimate charm, inviting listeners into her world through melodies that are both soothing and stirring.

Cowdery has released several critically acclaimed albums, including "One More Door," "In This Light," and "What If This Is All There Is." Garnering praise for its lyrical depth and emotional honesty, earning her a loyal following among folk music enthusiasts and fellow musicians alike.

 "Rj plays a clean guitar, flat picking or strumming and stringing chords together to build melodies built like a proverbial brick house and pours over it all with a voice like butter,” ~ TheVancouver Island Music Festival.