Interested in hosting a house concert?   
What exactly is is a house concert, anyway?
If you would like more information on hosting a house concert, please let me know at

The reason I love to play house concerts is that it's personal. None of the glaring distractions from clubs and bars. We are all in it together. All in the same room sharing stories and making connections. It's really rewarding for me to share my music this way. 
I think it will be for you and your guests too! 

Even if you are not able to host at this time I encourage you to attend some house concerts. 
There are many ways to make a house concert fun and rewarding for everyone.

“Rj Cowdery’s music and lyrics bring you into her life story and as you listen you find yourself asking, “How’d she know that about me?” You’ll welcome her into your living room as an old friend.” 
–Sue and Bruce Andrews, Cot and Crackers House Concerts, Schuyler Lake, NY