Legacy I

Just returned from an awesome (albeit short) run to Boston. I got the honor of playing a couple shows with 2 guys that have helped mold me into the writer and singer I am today. 

I'm remembering a CD that came out in the late 1980's- It's called Legacy. A collection of up and coming singer songwriters of the time. I loved this record. It's where I discovered David Massengill, Sara Hickman, John Gorka, Bill Morrissey, Cliff Eberhardt, Pierce Pettis, Iain Matthews, and others.  

I'm not sure if I had ever heard a song like I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair- It totally took me by surprise and I found it so intriguing and quirky and cool and smart.  
I find myself singing that song randomly! John's Land Of The Bottom Line is one of my all time favorite recordings.

My Father's Shoes - The voice of Cliff Eberhardt is one of my favorites. And, a great guitar player too.  The Long Road played in my cd player for a very long time. Richie Havens comes in a takes turn too. Love this record.

So, I was more than just thrilled to be able to share the stage with John and Cliff. I'm just so very grateful to be a part of this amazing folk community.

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